Dear You

When I look at myself, I know, every inch of me complements you. We were molded by the same Potter who thought of us together even before our creation.

I came across this song of Tori Kelly titled “Dear No One” and remembered a love letter with the same salutation…sharing it with you.
Serene night at Boracay Island, Philippines (Circa 2010)

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Skeletons in the Closet


Did you once steal, lie, hate, or envy? Was it once, twice, many times over? At some point, we come face to face with our demons. Dealing with them is pretty hard but letting them be is death. 

Are there more dark corners in your soul than clear spaces to fill? At some point, we have to open the closet and have it emptied. Let the Light shine at the darkest corner of your heart. Let life grow where there is death.

How do you live your life when no one is watching? Do you share a part of you to someone who cannot pay it back; stand up for the truth no matter how it hurts; love yourself dearly so you can love others more? Then, you are alive.