What if the glass is half-empty?


Since I read about the benefits of drinking a glass of water right after you get out of bed I made it a habit. This morning, looking at the glass of water I’m about to empty, I was reminded of these thoughts I read before… Continue reading “What if the glass is half-empty?”

Lessons from an Adventurous Soap and a Persistent Poop

The right thing is sometimes the most difficult thing to do…

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Pardon, I can’t think of a better title than that. This is the line that first popped up when I thought about our almost-a-month ordeal – that was roommates versus a roommate and the sanitary sewer.

One morning, roommate took a bath. Eyes closed, lathered up with soap (insert Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen here), he’s probably working on more froth when the soap slipped his hand and dived into the john. Pause. Continue reading “Lessons from an Adventurous Soap and a Persistent Poop”

Skeletons in the Closet


Did you once steal, lie, hate, or envy? Was it once, twice, many times over? At some point, we come face to face with our demons. Dealing with them is pretty hard but letting them be is death. 

Are there more dark corners in your soul than clear spaces to fill? At some point, we have to open the closet and have it emptied. Let the Light shine at the darkest corner of your heart. Let life grow where there is death.

How do you live your life when no one is watching? Do you share a part of you to someone who cannot pay it back; stand up for the truth no matter how it hurts; love yourself dearly so you can love others more? Then, you are alive.

Of Twenty Angels and a Monologue (Lessons from a Marathon)

I was reminded that every time our baggage carries us, we slow down and we get tired but if we carry it, take control, and master it, we keep up.


“I can’t tonight, I have badminton game after work.” I explained.

“Really? Since when did you have a flair for sports?” my brother replied in amusement then I heard a crisp laughter on the other end.

I was born with weak lungs. Continue reading “Of Twenty Angels and a Monologue (Lessons from a Marathon)”

Hashtag: Selfie, Self-image, and Self-worth

I do not have anything against “selfie” posts but I am not a fan either. It is viral and it got into my curious mind, how it all began and what is the psychology behind it. I am neither a psychologist nor an expert on the field but I thought about it and I just can’t keep my thoughts to myself.

Okay, I am typing selfie in red underlined word. Word keeps on reminding me that the word “selfie” is either grammatically incorrect or misspelled. (Right-click, add to dictionary, solved.) My friends told me the term started in Instagram but I was surprised to know that the term was actually popularized in 2005 by a photographer Jim Krause. That long! I didn’t know that. It must have gained more popularity when social networking reached its peak.

Here’s a confession: Continue reading “Hashtag: Selfie, Self-image, and Self-worth”