Skeletons in the Closet


Did you once steal, lie, hate, or envy? Was it once, twice, many times over? At some point, we come face to face with our demons. Dealing with them is pretty hard but letting them be is death. 

Are there more dark corners in your soul than clear spaces to fill? At some point, we have to open the closet and have it emptied. Let the Light shine at the darkest corner of your heart. Let life grow where there is death.

How do you live your life when no one is watching? Do you share a part of you to someone who cannot pay it back; stand up for the truth no matter how it hurts; love yourself dearly so you can love others more? Then, you are alive.

Don’t just pass by, Stop over.

Are you here because you are searching for something to relate to or mirror your thought?

Do you wonder if there is another soul out there who is in the same state as yours, afloat?

Did you stumble upon this post today because you too are looking for inspiration?

Are you not sure where to start, what about, and you too are near frustration?

Are you waiting for the bulb in your right brain to light through the scribbles?

You bet! I was hunting for ideas too and wanting to write something meatier

I ended up pouring my thoughts as they flow, it made me feel better

So, if your answers are all NO to the questions I asked about

You don’t belong here so KEEP OUT!

(P.S. Please do not just pass by, stop over and INSPIRE ME.)

the gap and the value of talk

Unconsciously we begin to build a wall around us and we are becoming like an island, isolated and detached.
I was too busy taking pictures I missed to laugh along.

In between spoonful of scrambled eggs and lines of a post I was reading online, I was also having a short conversation with my friends. Eating together has always been our favorite bonding time at home. I am sharing a two-bedroom apartment with five close friends. Busy schedules are keeping as apart during working days . This morning is one of the once or twice in a week opportunities for us to talk over a sumptuous meal. Then, I stumbled upon “The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation” and it reminded me of one of the things I’ve been thinking about lately…

While the world has become flat because of communications technology, people are creating walls in between. While the World Wide Web connects east and west, people are moving away from each other like north and south. As Alanis Morissette puts it “isn’t it ironic?”

I took a second look on what just happened this morning, Continue reading “the gap and the value of talk”

The Rolling Stone
Nomads close to the heart. My travel buddies Berna and Maiti taking it all in on top of Osmena Peak, Cebu, Philippines.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss.” This old proverb brings to life a nomad who is always on the go in search for food and pasture. He doesn’t have a home, no property, no weekend hang-out. He moves from one place to another depending on the season. Continue reading “The Rolling Stone”