7 Things I’d Say to the Younger Me About “The Person [I] Really Need to Marry”


Maybe you are here because the title got you. Well, it got me too. I will break it to you gently, this is not your How To Spot Mr. Right guide but this piece is definitely very insightful you will thank yourself if you will be able to read through …

Tracy McMillan has a powerful message in this TEDx video about how we can be good at our job to “light up our corner of the world.”

  1. A total failure…That is one way to look at it but not the only way…

You may not be where you want to be right now. Life didn’t go as planned. You look at yourself and see the past relationships that didn’t work (no matter how great those guys were). Whether relationships or other aspects in life that went south, you can take over or hand over the wheel, take a detour or go another route. Map out those failures and transform them into road signs.

  1. Enter into a relationship with yourself and then you put a ring on it

Get to know yourself better. Love yourself right where you are, regardless of your size, color, hairstyle, etc. You can be your worst enemy but you can also be your best ally. Commit and be loyal to yourself if no one else will and especially when no one else will. Continue reading “7 Things I’d Say to the Younger Me About “The Person [I] Really Need to Marry””


Dear You

When I look at myself, I know, every inch of me complements you. We were molded by the same Potter who thought of us together even before our creation.

I came across this song of Tori Kelly titled “Dear No One” and remembered a love letter with the same salutation…sharing it with you.

Serene night at Boracay Island, Philippines (Circa 2010)

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Sunset reminds us that a day no matter how good or bad must give way to the night. Live while you can.


About eight months ago I took this picture from my hospital room’s window using my mobile. It’s not a very good shot but it certainly is a good reminder of Continue reading “Nostalgia”

wisdom from a dog: forgiveness


ShiroHaving a dog at home has its ups and downs.  One of the downs is potty training.  I took an advice from a friend on how to train a dog where to pee or poop. It worked for him. I find it a bit rough but I tried it anyway.

One early morning, while I was trying to beat the clock , when I was about to step out, our dog dumped inside the house. It was a glaring ugly scene blocking my way out and I cannot just leave the house like that. I was in a hurry and  I got so upset by the distraction. Then, I remembered my friend’s advise – first, shove the dog near the poop so she can smell it then drag her outside the house where she should poo next time.  I wasn’t able to do step 2 because she cried when I…

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