Note to Self: Reminders on Coping with Loss

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It was a Tuesday.

As usual, past 6:00 pm, I had to call him to fetch me at work.

No answer.

Mama told me he’s playing basketball and that I have to go home on my own. I said yes.

After about thirty minutes or more, my phone rang. It was mama.

“Go to the hospital, papa was rushed.”

My heart stopped for a moment, my knees trembled.

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Where is God in the storm?

“One of the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history.” The news goes. Thanks to media and social networks we knew ahead of what to expect come November 7, 2013. It can scare anybody, yes. But with the forecasts, everybody are expected to expect the worst and be ready. But it was not enough.  Continue reading “Where is God in the storm?”

Hashtag: Selfie, Self-image, and Self-worth

I do not have anything against “selfie” posts but I am not a fan either. It is viral and it got into my curious mind, how it all began and what is the psychology behind it. I am neither a psychologist nor an expert on the field but I thought about it and I just can’t keep my thoughts to myself.

Okay, I am typing selfie in red underlined word. Word keeps on reminding me that the word “selfie” is either grammatically incorrect or misspelled. (Right-click, add to dictionary, solved.) My friends told me the term started in Instagram but I was surprised to know that the term was actually popularized in 2005 by a photographer Jim Krause. That long! I didn’t know that. It must have gained more popularity when social networking reached its peak.

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Sunset reminds us that a day no matter how good or bad must give way to the night. Live while you can.


About eight months ago I took this picture from my hospital room’s window using my mobile. It’s not a very good shot but it certainly is a good reminder of Continue reading “Nostalgia”