Note to Self: Reminders on Coping with Loss

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It was a Tuesday.

As usual, past 6:00 pm, I had to call him to fetch me at work.

No answer.

Mama told me he’s playing basketball and that I have to go home on my own. I said yes.

After about thirty minutes or more, my phone rang. It was mama.

“Go to the hospital, papa was rushed.”

My heart stopped for a moment, my knees trembled.

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Dear You

When I look at myself, I know, every inch of me complements you. We were molded by the same Potter who thought of us together even before our creation.

I came across this song of Tori Kelly titled “Dear No One” and remembered a love letter with the same salutation…sharing it with you.
Serene night at Boracay Island, Philippines (Circa 2010)

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Life Line, Two Ways

taking a peek at tomorrow through reading the palm
attempt of a limited man

destiny written on the palm of your hands,

they say

Each line  points out how life would go,

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