An Open Letter to Ms. Philippines Maxine Medina

It must have been tough in your shoe. The road you took was paved with good intention—to give your representation the best you could… and you did, remember that. Your top 6 finish in Ms. Universe 2016 is not all of us can do in our lifetime.

Maxine Medina in Ms. Universe 2016 Preliminary Gown Competition
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I was there in the front row. Together with my kin, my eyes were glued to the 24-inch screen in our tiny living room miles away from cheering crowd and the glamorous stage where you fought with a beautiful smile, remarkable grace, and queen-like stature.

The crowd was not always cheering you on, I know. Some were ruthless in the light of their own utopian perfection, let them be. People will throw could-haves with bitter side comments, let them be. They may rant on and on with how they were disappointed, let them be.

Perhaps you know this better than I do, the world can be so tough it will try to rip you off your kindness and rob your smile, don’t let it. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Ms. Philippines Maxine Medina”

10 Miriam Defensor-Santiago Quotes I Can Live By

Love her or hate her, she has something to say about that too. You might just find your next life quote here.


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Aside from all the zingers, puns, and rhetorics that are spinning after the passing of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago I also want to bring to the surface some of her thoughts about life, politics, and God.


I am a fan, I must admit. She never got the shot to become Philippine President after two attempts but that doesn’t discount the fact that she was capable and qualified – academically, professionally, and morally.

Love her or hate her, she has something to say about that too. I rummaged the World Wide Web and came up with my own archive. You might just find your next life quote here.

Dig in. Continue reading “10 Miriam Defensor-Santiago Quotes I Can Live By”

Eight Things to Start Doing By the Time You’re 30

Whether at twenty, thirty, forty or in whatever stage we get to finally hear the call to live a purposeful life, take heed and start over.

About a week ago I just bid farewell to the twenties. It was unstoppable. I would have wanted to stay twenty-one forever but as the sun rises and sets everyday, I keep adding days, weeks, months, and then years to my roller coaster life.


I think it is rather worth mentioning that there is nothing magical about moving to the thirties. You don’t wake up on your birthday feeling like a changed person. No, that’s not the case. Everything’s the same – my challenges, disposition, and goals. But that doesn’t mean I will not be able to overcome, become better, and achieve something.

This is where the thirties become one of those many chances we get as long as we live. And this simple checklist from Jesse Carey of Relevant Magazine is a good starting point, at least for me, on how to go about making good use of another chance not everyone gets.  I have made a shortlist below:  Continue reading “Eight Things to Start Doing By the Time You’re 30”