About this blog

1431591266330One fine day…

I was reading a very interesting  and inspiring blog (I had been planning to make one but procrastination got in the way) then, I visited WordPress, typed in my email address to register, lo and behold “This email address has already been used.” I retrieved the password and the rest is history.

I forgot that I tried my hand at blogging wayback 2007 but lost it along the fastlane. Fate has a way of finding you back, I guess.

Here I am and I am trying to win my first love back…

Just when we are created out of the so-called mishaps… Big bang theory, the temptation of Eve, the primordial theory…this pattern of destruction and creation…the outcome is always something beautiful.

Out of life’s highest height, lowest low, and the plateau in between, I will find the amazing design embedded within, the epiphanies in the daily grind, and share it here. Probably to remind myself, remind others, and who knows, to inspire another soul.

Let’s start over…

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