What We Can Learn from the 5-minute Miss Universe Hullabaloo

        The Miss Universe contestant from the Philippines is this year’s winner but for one brief moment Sunday evening, it appeared as if it might be a repeat win for Colombia. (Source)

                      Source: 2015 Miss Universe [PHOTOS]
Surprise has two faces, namely Ariadna Guttierez and Pia Alonso Wurtzbach. The first was bitter, the other was sweet. Nevertheless, we can learn things from that five-minute shocking twist of the recently concluded Miss Universe 2015. 

Your life can turn upside-down in five minutes.

Okay, it was not worse as it sounds but it was literally an overturn. It was not Miss Colombia’s fault, for sure. It was not Miss Philippines’ either. Things happen, life does.

You cannot maintain the grace under pressure, not all the time.

It’s okay to break down in tears, let it out. Notice how the ladies faces turn from a wide-teeth-out smile to big-eye-wonder; how they shown hesitation, doubt, and sorry faces. But regain the composure as soon as the emotion settles. Smile again.

It’s never too late to say “Sorry”.

How manly it was for Steve Harvey to own up to his mistake by public apology and personal expression of regret to both the ladies. What happened was something he, and other hosts, can learn from. We can learn from it, too. One can never be too big or small a personality to seek forgiveness. It is liberating.

A look at that “crowning mistake” here.


Author: Ivy Rufin

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