Charleston Shooting: The Making of a Dylann Roof

While the US is facing yet another shooting incident, another debate on gun control, young-man-radicalized-on-internet trend, and a domestic terrorism against race, some 8,200 miles away, I sit reading articles and I wondered what is the suspect’s home like?

Four nights before the world celebrated Father’s Day, twelve members of the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina sat down in a group for a bible study, all of them African-American. A 21-year old white man entered, joined the group, then allegedly gunned down eight on the spot including Reverend Clementa Pinckney, a senior pastor and senator. One died in the hospital and the others survived. Witnesses, in a report, said they heard the suspect say some racist remarks including “I have to do it. You rape our women. You’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” The shooting was described as Continue reading “Charleston Shooting: The Making of a Dylann Roof”

NBA Finals 2015: Of Giants and Underdogs

They were giants in the field. One was out howling, his powers out in the open. The other one was trying to stay in tuned with a rhythm audible only to him. While the other one was atop a mountain, at a vantage point, he waited for his call.

I am not a sports analyst. Let me point that out first. I’m just a fan who has something to say. It was just another NBA season for some, but in it were stories. I am thrilled.

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It’s over. The Golden State Warriors emerged victorious over Cleveland Cavaliers with an eight-point lead in the recently concluded 2015 NBA Finals. Golden State Warriors bagged their first championship title in forty years and denied King James of winning the Bill Russell trophy.

Along with nearly 20 million plus viewers, I screamed and held my breath in every shot attempt from both sides, I cursed at Continue reading “NBA Finals 2015: Of Giants and Underdogs”

Lessons from an Adventurous Soap and a Persistent Poop

The right thing is sometimes the most difficult thing to do…

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Pardon, I can’t think of a better title than that. This is the line that first popped up when I thought about our almost-a-month ordeal – that was roommates versus a roommate and the sanitary sewer.

One morning, roommate took a bath. Eyes closed, lathered up with soap (insert Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen here), he’s probably working on more froth when the soap slipped his hand and dived into the john. Pause. Continue reading “Lessons from an Adventurous Soap and a Persistent Poop”