wind and change

We brave strong tides to get to the other side of the ocean. We talk about life as if we have a clue.



“I spent half my life looking for the reasons things must change. And half my life trying to make them stay the same…” –Jim Photoglo, Will of the Wind

I don’t really know the entire song but I can pull up these lines from my memory as easy as one, two, and three. I searched the lyrics tonight and just realized the songwriter must have been inspired by a dear one who got away. The song must have been a beautiful piece born of a broken string. Could be…

But for me, it speaks about a musing of a brave heart in the middle of a quarter-life crisis. When we were younger and we are on fire about what we want to happen in life we look around us and we see a lot of opportunities to make a difference. We stand up for our adventurous ideas and we desire independence. We brave strong tides to get to the other side of the ocean. We talk about life as if we have a clue.

Then, we stumble along the way. We hold on and hold on some more, then we let go. Finally, we learn. We begin to see life as it is and not as how we want it to be. A pessimist would say that is “giving up on life” but an optimist knows it is just “letting life be”. There is more adventure in flowing. Control can squeeze too tight it can break.

We cannot always change everything but life will always take another form. It moves. It grows. It cannot stay the same.

Author: Ivy Rufin

Ivy Rufin is a wordsmith-in-progress. She believes that she is a continuing work of art and so are her works. An average Jane with an enormous appetite for life. Here, she hopes to share her thoughts in an attempt to practice the craft, express herself and communicate with other souls out there who pursue the same goals. For now, she struggles to write daily and more often than not, it’s not her it’s the coffee talking.

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