Sunset reminds us that a day no matter how good or bad must give way to the night. Live while you can.


About eight months ago I took this picture from my hospital room’s window using my mobile. It’s not a very good shot but it certainly is a good reminder of how life goes on.

I didn’t choose the room but I was lucky to have stayed there. Almost half of the wall at the right side of the bed is made up of a glass window. It gave me a very good view of the green slopes reaching for the blue sky; of the immaculate clouds passing by; and the setting of the moon at dawn.

I was reminded that Someone out there is bigger than all of these and is in control. He holds the universe in place. He takes care of the wild flowers and the birds, How can He not take care of me? Realizing all these, I had peace and joy in my heart even in sickness.


Author: Ivy Rufin

Ivy Rufin is a wordsmith-in-progress. She believes that she is a continuing work of art and so are her works. An average Jane with an enormous appetite for life. Here, she hopes to share her thoughts in an attempt to practice the craft, express herself and communicate with other souls out there who pursue the same goals. For now, she struggles to write daily and more often than not, it’s not her it’s the coffee talking.

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