rumor has it

“Rumors are like dainty morsels that sink deep into one’s heart.” – Proverbs 18:8


Google didn’t serve me well tonight. I was looking for a poster that I saw before and I cannot find it. It was a photo of two pairs of hands passing on mud, and across the top of the photo is the quote “Rumor, don’t pass it on.” I can remember it perfectly in my head. That poster taught me early on in life about rumor, it’s filthy.

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perks of a grateful heart

we can complain we have too little it’s not a source of joy

or we can be thankful we have a reason to rejoice!

Taken at Osmena Peak, Cebu
Taken at Osmena Peak, Cebu

we can complain that summertime is too hot, it brings sleepless nights
or be thankful because those are the best days to fly kites

we can either hate the rain for it brings gloomy clouds
or be thankful it cools down the earth and washes dusty roads

we can complain we have too little it’s not a source of joy
or we can be thankful we have a reason to rejoice!

we can hate the changes around us, they stir our comfort zone
or we can be thankful that life is in motion and it is moving on

we can either grumble and break our world apart
or we can be joyful with a grateful heart.

(Originally written 4:41 PM 6/14/2013)

wisdom from a dog: forgiveness

ShiroHaving a dog at home has its ups and downs.  One of the downs is potty training.  I took an advice from a friend on how to train a dog where to pee or poop. It worked for him. I find it a bit rough but I tried it anyway.

One early morning, while I was trying to beat the clock , when I was about to step out, our dog dumped inside the house. It was a glaring ugly scene blocking my way out and I cannot just leave the house like that. I was in a hurry and  I got so upset by the distraction. Then, I remembered my friend’s advise – first, shove the dog near the poop so she can smell it then drag her outside the house where she should poo next time.  I wasn’t able to do step 2 because she cried when I did step 1.  I let her go at that point. She stared at me as if saying “Why did you do that?” then she ran away and hid under the bed. I was stunned for seconds before it dawned on me that I hurt her. Well, she’s already about 3 years old and it must be late now to start potty training and she is not used to me treating her that way. I cannot do anything at that point but to clean up the mess on the floor.

My heart sank at the thought that she was hurt.  That must be very cruel in her perception. And no matter how I explain my intention, she will not understand. I can sense she was hurt and terrified at the act.  She comes running to me everytime I call her but this time she fell deaf. She won’t budge. She continued to cower under the bed. She glanced at me then looked away as if saying “Go away!”. I said sorry then I left.

When I went home that day, our dog met me at the gate. She runs to see who just arrived everytime she hears the gate open. She instantly wagged her tail in excitement when she saw me. My heart cheered up. I took her in my arms and hugged her like I missed her the whole day.

Like God, he allows us at times to go through glaring ugly scenes to teach us something we need to learn. We look at God in the eye and shout “Why are you doing this, Lord?” because we do not know what God has in mind for us yet. God would have wanted to give us something very valuable but He let it go sometimes because He cannot stand our whining and cries of pain. We keep missing the point because we run away and cower under darkness. We succumb to our weakness and we cannot stand being corrected. But because He is a gracious God, He will give us time and space. He allows us to use our will and decide on our own. He is patient to clean up the mess by transforming unpleasant situations into catalysts of character building.

Ever felt God is away everytime we commit a sin? We often think that God is punishing us when all we see is darkness. But, you see, when we were younger and breaks mother’s precious china, our first reaction is to hide. I realized it is us who move away from God and cower under the bed and hid in darkness because of guilt. God on the other hand keeps calling us back while we fall deaf to His voice. It is us who punish our self because we do not understand how we are loved by our Creator. He loves us so much He cannot withhold good things from us.

At the end of the day, God will go home and lift us up, embrace us with His lovingkindness , if only, we run back to Him.  -irr (written 3:00 PM 6/12/2013)

she did not see

To own but not to possess…

To love but never to demand the same…

Taken at Bantayan Island, Cebu
Taken at Bantayan Island, Cebu

In his absence,

she cursed the time that seems to pass by so slow and fast all at once.

So slow, it makes her burdened

Of longing for the day to once again meet his eyes for the first time.

So fast, it makes her burdened just the same

Of waiting for the same day which is not coming.

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